Medical Services

1. Missions dedicated to eye examinations and operations

Nov. 2017Yirol state243 cataract operations
850 consultations
Feb. 2018Wau state196 cataract operations
800 consultations
May 2018Yirol state176 cataract operation
540 consultations
Dec. 2018Wau state145 cataract operations
630 consultations
May 2019Gogrial state (Akon Payam)154 cataract operations 
730 consultations
Oct. 2019Buluk Hospital, Juba55 cataract operations

2. Medical conferences at the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Juba Teaching Hospitals, where doctors, nurses, and midwifes attended.

3. A total of 20 medical missions sent out to Juba.