Who We Are

Juba’s Kids

Based in South Sudan, “Life with a Purpose” (LWP) is a national NGO, established in 2015. 

We aim to develop the lives of South Sudanese people in terms of different life aspects. 


  1. Improving the state and quality of medical services provided in South Sudan.
  2. Building many developmental projects that will help teach young youth certain skills needed in the job market. 
  3. Providing the older youth with soft skills and leadership training that will enable them to be leaders in educational and social institutions in the long term.


Developing a fully sustainable outreach program that serves a broad area in South Sudan to qualify young people to pursue various careers through educational and developmental training..


The main objective of LWP is to assist the South Sudanese to take action to raise their standard of living in all aspects through the following:

  • Creating a chain of medical establishments to provide health services and medication through cooperation with existing ones to reduce the shortage of health systems in remote areas.
  • Initiating educational programs for women on childcare and safe delivery, which include establishing mother and childcare centers, especially in rural areas.
  • Carrying out HIV/AIDS medication and awareness programs, with special attention to women’s role in family safety.
  • Initiating peer education through implementing the “Education for All” program in various areas and encouraging citizens in the rural areas in terms of encouraging their children, especially girls, and building schools and colleges that include literacy classes for adult education.
  • Opening vocational centers and management of programs for rural development, youth training, culture sponsorship, and encouragement of the scientific research related to the social work sector to explore the means and mechanism to build up youth capacity for self-reliance. 
  • Assisting in opening educational and training workshops and centers for youth, which focus on engineering, blacksmithing, plumbing, carpentry, architecture, support health, nursing, agriculture technology, and water provision to shield natural and human disasters (famine, epidemiology, wars, and conflicts)
  • Encouraging agricultural and cattle raising programs to increase agricultural resources and enhance the communities’ awareness and their contribution to maintaining the health of animals and agriculture to enhance food security through modern technology.
  • Helping in finding solutions for the disparate members of the communities and promoting reconciliation in communities to spread tolerance and supportive culture of peace and love through promoting empathy, sense of community and unity, civic duty, and communication.
  • Cushioning children in vulnerable circumstances from undue influence and giving them a chance to grow up into productive citizens, particularly former child soldiers. 
  • Providing care for orphans and street children, foster care and accommodation, and assisting in offering a decent life for them in all necessary aspects of life.
  • Saving the environment from drought and desertification practices through workshops to lighten the aggregate and its contribution to the greenbelt with the work of Desert Shield Crawl.
  • Providing care and assistance for disabled persons with blindness, deafness, paralysis, autism, and other developmental disorders.
  • Cooperating with other national and international organizations and integrating our efforts to enhance results and outcome of and other humanitarian assistance in the implementation of programs.

Our Values

  • Empathy. We feel the pain of those who are suffering, and we give hand to relieve them and guide them to a better life.
  • Love and Care. Underprivileged and disadvantaged people deserve to receive support and services with respect and dignity.
  • The Joy of Giving. We aim to embody the spirit of giving; be it giving of time, effort, or financial support with joy and compassion.
  • Integrity. We are accountable for the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories, and lessons learned. 
  • Quality. We challenge ourselves to the highest level of performance guided by international quality standards.
  • Sustainability. Helping communities to attain sustainable development through capacity-building, skill, and knowledge of mobilizing resources, planning and evaluating community initiation, and solving problems to gain mastery over their lives. 
  • Transparency. This is a key aspect of credibility, and we work with the transparency of the information that LWP discloses to their stakeholders to demonstrate that the resources we receive are used to fulfill the purpose for which our organization is conceived. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion. We believe in the equal value of every human being, and we know that by embracing differences, actively including all voices, and joining forces together, we can solve many problems.

States We Are Covering in South Sudan

  1. Juba
  2. Wau
  3. Yirol
  4. Gogrial
States We Are Covering in South Sudan: Juba- Wau – Yirol- Gogrial

Number of Beneficiaries Served 

More than 6,000 from 2015 until 2019


  1. Protocol of cooperation with St. Paul Medical Services
  2. Protocol of cooperation with South Sudan Ministry of Health
  3. Protocol of cooperation with Coptic Orthodox Bishopric of Khartoum and Republic of South Sudan
  4. Protocol of cooperation with Coptic Orthodox Church